The most wonderful time of year for jobseekers?

by | Dec 11, 2017

While most UK businesses are winding down for the Christmas break, it can be a difficult and challenging time of year for jobseekers. While you can’t avoid the Yuletide slump, you can still be proactive to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders for when January comes round.

Be proactive

Utilise the time to practice your interview skills for when the time comes. With most people off for ten days, it’s the perfect opportunity for some interview role play with your Uncle Bill. Get your interviewer to hit you with questions you’re not expecting – any that throw you are good ones to rehearse in case you get asked them in a real interview.

Get connected

Social media never sleeps so you can still connect with potential employers and research companies that you’ve applied for. Linked In is a great tool for this. Come the big interview, your interviewer will be impressed that you’ve gone above and beyond to find out more about the company.

Keep applying

While job postings do dip over the festive period, there are still opportunities out there. Use the time to make sure your application is flawless and sat waiting in their inbox come January. Each job you apply for needs a new and CV and cover letter which highlights your strengths for what they’re looking for.

You learn something new everyday

Everyday’s a school day so use the extra time to dust off the cobwebs and swot up on industry information and knowledge gaps. It could just serve you right come January. Here’s a few things you could be reading/watching:

* Up to date World and national news about your industry.

* Blogs by industry peers.

* Content by competitiors within your industry.

* ‘How to’ guides on areas you’re not as knowledgable in.